What if you could know when it's important that you talk now with your child about bullying, suicide, drugs, negative body image, and other difficult topics?   

BullyGuard is a revolutionary app that, when installed on your child's mobile device, alerts you when red-flag keywords are included in your child's incoming or outgoing text messages.

BullyGuard does not provide you a transcript of your child's text messages; it simply lets you know when keywords show up in your child's text messages that might warrant an important and immediate conversation.  If there is reason for concern, BullyGuard can help you help your child sooner than you might know to do otherwise.

Wiegers Financial & Benefits is the exclusive distributor of BullyGuard in Saskatchewan, and is proud to offer a 37% discount off the regular price.  Visit BullyGuard for more information and to get the discount code.

BullyGuard is available now on Google Play. Coming soon on the App Store. 


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