Wiegers Financial & Benefits is the largest private financial planning and group benefits consulting firm in Saskatchewan. Established 25 years ago by Cliff and Deb Wiegers, the company grew from humble beginnings to a level of success that puts it on par with some of the largest financial planning companies in Canada.

Our approach to working with clients is as personal and as dedicated as it ever was. What sets us apart - as much now as 25 years ago - is our commitment to getting to know our clients and what they want and need, both at the beginning of our working relationship and as their personal and professional lives change or as their businesses evolve. This commitment is reflected in a process that involves regular contact and a client/advisor relationship that is both comfortable and familiar. 

And, we have the infrastructure, tools and supplier relationships to make that easy. In terms of tools, we offer a complete range of insurance and investment products for individuals and businesses alike. And in terms of supplier relationships, we have an unbiased and independent relationship with all of the top insurance carriers, investment fund companies, and other financial and benefit product suppliers in Canada. Whatever your financial planning needs, we are well-equipped to provide.

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